Dropped Among This Crowd

DATC Podcast Presents: UMBowl VIII Complete Coverage; A Conversation with Kyle Miller

Episode Summary

Continuing with the UMBowl VIII discussions this week on the show: my conversation with Kyle Miller who was also in attendance for the two nights. Kyle and I start our conversation with: * His favorite set, S2, and his incredible contribution that everyone is talking about, Keyboard Galaxy * Kyle shares that Keyboard Galaxy was not his only submission, in fact he offered 21 different ideas and he shares a few of them in our chat. * Kyle shares what two events in UM history inspired him to make the keyboard galaxy contribution and the excitement he felt when it popped up on the screen and they played it * We get into all night wrong set and the redemption of Senor Mouse * We talk about the acoustic set, choose your own adventure and Kyle recalls the mix of emotions from the crowd when the choices were revealed on the screen * Kyle shares his other highlights from the weekend, of course that two song set, the band choice from night 2 * and more!

Episode Notes

Continuing with the UMBowl VIII discussions this week on the show: my conversation with Kyle Miller who was also in attendance for the two nights. Kyle and I start our conversation with:

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